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  • Notes from the field: The Kerberos chronicles, the one with VMware TrueSSO

    After a lengthy and cumbersome troubleshoot on a VMware TrueSSO setup finally had the time to blog this one. In summary the situation with a customer was a working VMware TrueSSO setup which stopped working, after lengthy troubleshooting we opened a support case with VMware and later also with Microsoft. The issue was manifesting in […]

  • Notes from the field: Citrix CEM / XenMobile enabling Certificate Based Authentication (CBA) after enrollment

    I think any consultant at some time encountered the scenario of username / password authentication being the only authentication on the Citrix Gateway setup of Citrix CEM / XenMobile. Afterwards advising the customer to use Certificate Based Authentication (CBA) and then also the sad news okay we need to reenroll all your devices for this […]

  • Notes from the field: Another cannot complete your request with Citrix FAS

    We’ve all seen it time and time again some misconfiguration with Citrix StoreFront and/or Citrix FAS and you’ll be getting the cannot complete your request message in your screen. Digging in the StoreFront logs and you’ll be seeing the most interesting messages of error kind in which you would think am I a rocket professor? […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Access Kerberos integration and Office 365

    Okay let’s say you have your setup for VMware Access nicely configured with your directory search attribute configured as userPrincipalName because that’s the modern way with all cloud services etc. and configured your inbound Kerberos authentication through the IDP of the Access connector. Everyone is happy and all is working well with external connections, internal […]

  • Notes from the field: Citrix FAS request not supported

    On a recent Citrix FAS deployment I’ve encountered the following error: “Request not supported” when logging in to a published application or desktop. Article explains that re-enrollment of the domain controller authentication template or another custom template for Kerberos usage should resolve the error. A little bit of a background on the environment, an […]

  • Notes from the field: Citrix FAS SSO not working with invalid CRL

    Recently I got contacted by a customer who had problems performing an SSO to a newly build desktop environment. The setup a greenfield resource domain and forest trust from an existing tenant with a two way trust. Basically everything was correct but the logon from the users would always get terminated at the desktop with […]