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  • Notes from the field: Microsoft Azure MFA Number Matching and the one with NPS extension

    Regarding the upcoming change of Microsoft MFA number matching, some customers started to ask me hey what’s going on? Do we need to do something? Is there any impact for our users? Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is well it depends, can we live with the current setup or is there […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Access with VMware UAG and JWT validation

    It’s been a while since I’ve retested the setup with validating gateway request with JWT entries, because I thought it was depending on an appliance such as F5 for it to work. See Launching Horizon Resources Through Validating Gateways (vmware.com) I did try and configure it none the less but never got it farther then […]

  • Notes from the lab: VMware UAG 2106 and Admin SAML

    VMware introduced SAML login capabilities for the admin facing side of UAG with version 2106. See the following article: Release Notes for VMware Unified Access Gateway 2106 This quick home lab blog shows how easy it is and how to integrate this with VMware Workspace ONE Access as your entry point. First things first, before […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware UAG and Citrix ADC scenario’s

    On a recent project we were testing some scenario’s for the usage of VMware Blast BEAT through Citrix ADC. For some more information regarding Blast see the following article: VMware Blast Extreme Optimization Guide | VMware Normally you would see that the Citrix ADC setup is an SSL-BRIDGE vserver with accompanying UDP vserver on the […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Horizon sessions disconnecting after syslog changes on UAG

    On a recent project where we have VMware Horizon 7.13 and UAG 20.09 appliances for the external connections some strange behavior was observed when putting in the syslog URL entries. After adding or removing entries here and saving the settings all the connections through the UAG will get terminated. Finding this behavior strange as to […]

  • Notes from the lab: Microsoft ADFS and VMware UAG

    You don’t see many configuration articles around ADFS and UAG and that’s why I would like to share my setup. First things first, I’m expecting that there is an working Horizon environment with True SSO enabled for access to the desktop. And a working ADFS environment to add a new application to test with. My […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware UAG reverse proxy why doesn’t it work!

    When configuring VMware UAG as an reverse proxy I’ve encountered some issues last year that as far as I could see wasn’t all to well documented. My reference article for the configuration was the following: https://techzone.vmware.com/configuring-web-reverse-proxy-identity-bridging-vmware-unified-access-gateway-vmware-workspace-one-operational-tutorial#985671 Basically when you follow it to the letter in your test deployment and with a test site you will […]