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  • Notes from the lab: Citrix XenMobile 10.15 upgrade fails

    Regarding my own XenMobile deployment I had a 10.14 Rolling Patch environment 6 running and updated it to Rolling Patch 9 before the eventual upgrade to 10.15 base. This all is very easy to do and all the required information is presented at Release notes for Rolling Patches | XenMobile Server Current Release ( regarding […]

  • Notes from the lab: VMware vCenter 7u2 ADFS changes

    When vCenter 7 introduced ADFS integration I jumped on the configuration part in my lab and set it up with the necessary OAUTH integrations: Now with vCenter 7u2 there are some changes when you have it in place and are upgrading: The trust store is changed to VECS and you need to change/add that in […]

  • Notes from the lab: Configuring vCenter 7 with ADFS

    With the release of vCenter 7 you can now integrate it with Microsof Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) See the following blog article for an overview: See the following configuration articles for a setup overview: With this information I’ve configured my lab environment to a working SAML based login with a few […]

  • Notes from the lab: Migrating Windows vCenter to VCSA 7

    In my lab environment I was running Windows vCenter 6.7 and with the release of vCenter 7 a migration is needed because there is no Windows vCenter anymore. The following articles will give you enough information on how the process works especially the how-to from Vladan Seget: Basically the process is the same […]

  • Notes from the field: vCenter cannot validate SSO domain

    Came across a peculiar issue when adding an second vCenter to the same SSO domain and enable ELM. The first deployment worked like a charm and the second errored out with the following error: It turns out there is a known bug when using uppercase FQDN in the configuration wizard, the solution is to put […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware vCenter /dev/mapper/core_vg-core full

    Not too long ago I’ve encountered an vCenter instance blowing up the /dev/mapper/core_vg-core with gigabytes of java dump errors.. Just for reference the customers setup is an dual SDDC with respectively an vCenter at each site comprising of vCenter 6.5 U2 and embedded linked mode enabled. In troubleshooting mode I’ve encountered the following two articles: […]

  • Notes from the field: vCenter VCSA 6.5u2 SEAT cleanup

    This is a quick blog to show how an SEAT database failure can be cleared after an sporadic growth and increase to the events part of the SEAT DB in VCSA. I’ll explain the issue origin in an upcoming blog, but in a nutshell the 20gb was reached within six days and crashed the vCenter […]