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  • Notes from the lab: Citrix ADC IP Reputation

    I’ve been playing around with the Citrix ADC IP Reputation feature – in the lab for some time and to be honest it’s such a small but very effective feature which I almost never see active, why is that? If you’ve gotten a premium licensed ADC appliance it’s a simple right click>enable and you […]

  • Notes from the lab: Citrix ADC Native Push OTP not working

    I’ve updated my lab environment with Citrix Gateway push OTP support and had some trouble in configuring the Citrix SSO app on my iPhone. For some reason it couldn’t setup the gateway connection and it wasn’t reachable. (Well that was my bad in checking all my devices but I’ll get to that) Before the push […]

  • Notes from the field: Cannot access Citrix ADC or create HA set

    Quite recently I was at a customer where they had an SDX setup with single instances and needed to be upgraded and converted to an HA setup. Well easy does it I created the instances on the second SDX and started creating HA sets. Numerous went fine and then one started giving errors. Could not […]

  • Notes from the lab: Citrix ADC Native OTP and AdminSDHolder

    While doing some lab work I came across an issue that the Domain Admin accounts could not register on the manageotp site while Domain Users could. This got me figuring it out. For the use of Native OTP on the ADC we need to use an bind account for Active Directory which has the appropriate […]

  • Notes from the field: Citrix ADC Gateway Native OTP with GSLB

    Fun quick fact that I’ve encountered when deploying a ADC Gateway GSLB setup for a customer! You only have to enroll once with the nFactor/Native OTP on one of the ADC’s. (when having a Active Directory Domain across multiple datacenter sites) The setup of choice: Two ADC appliances in HA set on each site GSLB […]