Notes from the field: Netscaler Insight Centre not showing data

I’ve come across an issue regarding the Netscaler Insight Centre were data is not showing all the time, at random it just fails on reporting and shows nothing. It seems that after a talk with support there is memory corruption occuring when the usage of insights memory is above 75%.

Resolution shall be active in the 11.0.67.x release of the product.

Notes from the field: Netscaler Insight Centre

I came across an issue with Netscaler Insight with the latest build for Netscaler 11 and the same for Insight, logging did not reach the appliance regarding GUI flowcharts, we did see traffic generate from and to the Insight centre but no updates in the GUI screen, after some digging around and reporting this with Citrix it’s an bug regarding the Integrated Caching feature, this needs to be disabled otherwise it won’t work at all! ok.. that’s nice.. permanent fix is yet to be developed.

XenMobile some field stuff

Thought I would share some XMS 10.1 knowledge:

the tool you need when creating apns:

the tool you need when diagnosing the environment (still BETA):

the rolling patch #1 for XMS10.1 (cannot find this from the Citrix site but old trusty google does):                                      

If you use SSL offloading with the netscaler test, test and test the internal lb vserver for MAM if the 8443 will get passed through allright otherwise a broken MAM.

Before implementing check if you use AGDLP, domain local group support isn’t supported from version 10 (it’s in the works)

there is still a bug regarding the ldap see

that’s it for the moment, more updates on the roadmap!

Citrix TAAS / CIS

A greatly unknown toolkit by many is the online Tools as a Service from Citrix where you can upload the dumpfiles of:

And there will run an automatic analysis of the uploaded dump files with common issues and best practices, a nice quick and easy debugging solution.

Take a testdrive @ or with your mycitrix account.