Notes from the field: Citrix XenMobile / CEM don’t touch that store name!

Just a quick shout out blog to stress the importance of the store name that XenMobile / CEM uses. This default store name is called “Store”.

If you by any means have changed this store name to anything else, you might run in two issues depending on different scenarios.

Scenario 1:
Citrix XenMobile or CEM and switching from MDX technology to MAM SDK policies causes different behavior regarding the MAM SDK enabled applications and the web sso policy won’t work or connections won’t be active.

Scenario 2:
Citrix CEM and enabling Citrix Gateway integration on-premises which causes the store to lock, and devices won’t be able to properly connect anymore and need a device wipe.

Hope it helps for the still existing environments still out there, and don’t forget and look at the Citrix Product Matrix regarding the valid lifetime of XenMobile and CEM.

A special thanks to Anton van Pelt in helping in with product management contact.



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