Month: August 2021

  • Notes from the lab: VMware UAG content gateway and an A+ rating

    In addition to Jesper Alberts his blog a follow up with another custom UAG edge service which has it quirks called the content gateway. For the SEG article see – Secure Email Gateway Now diving in, when you configure the edge service you have the following options to configure Custom Values for Content Gateway […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Access Kerberos integration and Office 365

    Okay let’s say you have your setup for VMware Access nicely configured with your directory search attribute configured as userPrincipalName because that’s the modern way with all cloud services etc. and configured your inbound Kerberos authentication through the IDP of the Access connector. Everyone is happy and all is working well with external connections, internal […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Workspace ONE UEM and Android Zero Touch

    On a recent project we were implementing Android Zero Touch for out of the box enrollment through WS1 UEM. For a detailed explanation what Android Zero Touch is take a look at the following URL: Zero-touch enrollment for IT admins – Android Enterprise Help When the Zero Touch Portal is enabled through the reseller and […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Access with VMware UAG and JWT validation

    It’s been a while since I’ve retested the setup with validating gateway request with JWT entries, because I thought it was depending on an appliance such as F5 for it to work. See Launching Horizon Resources Through Validating Gateways ( I did try and configure it none the less but never got it farther then […]

  • Notes from the field: VMware Access Roles and RBAC bug

    On recent projects we where configuring RBAC roles in VMware Access Cloud and stumbled across something annoying which turned out to be a bug. The issue is that when you assign the RBAC roles through super admin, read only admin and directory admin that once added you can’t delete or re-add the same group, it […]