Month: April 2020

  • Notes from the field: Configuring AFAS Online with Azure

    I have a quick win for those who are also in the process of migrating an ADFS configured AFAS Online setup to Azure Active Directory. I’ve already had an support call with them and besides the point they don’t support any troubleshooting IDP setups they did their best which in turn got me to sharing […]

  • Notes from the lab: Configuring vCenter 7 with ADFS

    With the release of vCenter 7 you can now integrate it with Microsof Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) See the following blog article for an overview: See the following configuration articles for a setup overview: With this information I’ve configured my lab environment to a working SAML based login with a few […]

  • Notes from the lab: Migrating Windows vCenter to VCSA 7

    In my lab environment I was running Windows vCenter 6.7 and with the release of vCenter 7 a migration is needed because there is no Windows vCenter anymore. The following articles will give you enough information on how the process works especially the how-to from Vladan Seget: Basically the process is the same […]

  • Notes from the lab: Citrix ADC Native Push OTP not working

    I’ve updated my lab environment with Citrix Gateway push OTP support and had some trouble in configuring the Citrix SSO app on my iPhone. For some reason it couldn’t setup the gateway connection and it wasn’t reachable. (Well that was my bad in checking all my devices but I’ll get to that) Before the push […]