Notes from the field: Hyper-V to VMware migrated VM’s cannot install VMware Tools

One of my last projects I needed to convert Hyper-V VM’s to VMware, this all went fine with the offline capability of vcenter converter and the migration succeeded. Only after trying to install the VMware tools this would hang on starting the VGauth services and several other dependencies. For reference the VM’s in question are a mixture of 2008R2 / 2012R2. After some troubleshooting and searching the knowledgebase I stumbled across this article:

So for the project I didn’t had any ok to patch the servers that was out of scope for this one, the mitigation was to install older VMware tools (10.2.5 to be exact) afterwards the tools installed fine.

On a side note when finalizing the converted VM don’t forget to delete the hidden older hyper-v network adapter, this can still provide conflicts if not removed.