Notes from the events: PubForum|E2EVC and VMworld 2018

PubForum|E2EVC – Athens

This was the place to be for the community and without marketing BS (except for the sponsor sessions of course but that also is more technical driven)
Like always it starts the day before with networking with community peers, seeing old friends and making new.

The first day Alex opens with his EPIC introduction to PubForum|E2EVC like he always does, this time as a fallen god.
Afther the introductions the first sponsor session of ControlUp started off which demos the product and all their features (this case the what’s new)

Next up Chris Marks with a great session about the how/what/why and what we as consultants can do to influence projects.

Some fun with introducing Brian Madden back to PubForum|E2EVC with a cake ;).. You had to be there.

Next up Thomas Maurer with an session about the what’s what with Windows Server 2019, very informative

Over the next days some more sessions I followed where from:
PolicyPak, DeviceTrust, Thorsten Rood, Gunnar Hermansen (Entrust Datacard), Esther Bartel (NetScaler NITRO Master Class), Helge Klein (UberAgent Masterclass), Andrew Wood (AWS Workspaces), Arnaud Pain, Remko Weijnen & Geert Braakhekke, Thomas Poppelgaard and the last one Isidro Gonzales & Benny Tritsch

And alot of networking with peers which the event is all about.

Closed off another awesome and fun event for this year.

VMworld 2018 – Barcelona

Day 1

This was my first VMworld and started off with the badge collection, walked around locating all the venues and getting a good feel of the environment so I could start tomorrow and the rest of the week fresh to visit everything I wanted.

Day 2

I’ve made an schedule for the entire week in the VMworld2018 app and my goal was to attend almost every EUC breakout session there was.

The day started off with the “Technology Superpowers” keynote and after that my schedule was:
– Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Apps, Devices and Data
– Optimizing VMware Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU for the Best VDI User Experience
– Beyond Horizon 7: Moving to a Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE
– The Digital Workspace Keynote: End User Computing and Mobility Live!
– BONUS: EUC Community Tech Talks with Brian Madden

Day 3

The day started off with the “Pioneers of the Possible” keynote and after that my schedule was:
– What’s New in Horizon 7
– JMP: The Easy Button for Delivering and Managing Virtual Desktops and Apps
– The Secret Sauce Behind VMware’s Internal Horizon Desktop Deployments
– Embracing Zero Trust in the Enterprise – Redefining access controls with Okta
– Deep Dive Into What’s New with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

And closing off with VMworld Fest for day 3 featuring The Kooks.

Day 4

This was the last day and no keynotes anymore for me and started with the final sessions:
– Great Power, Great Responsibility: Least Privilege Security with AppDefense
– N-VDS: The next generation switch architecture with VMware NSX Data Center
– How to Design Multi-layered Securityin the SDDC with NSX Data Center
– vRealize Automation Architecture and Troubleshooting Deep Dive
– NSX Data Center Security Use Cases, Methodologies, and Tools

All the sessions can be watched at and it’s definitely worth watching.

After a long week got an complete information overload 🙂 but that was to be expected. Did get the insights and information I’ve wanted to be able to use for myself and my company.
Definitely going to visit another VMworld in the future.