Notes from the field: NetScaler maxloginattempts

Came across a very peculiar issue at a customer in regards to the values:

  1. Max Login Attempts
  2. Failed Login Timeout

As soon as a value has been put in you could not reset it to the default value of 0, not from the GUI or CLI it would just not accept it as a value

After a support case and some days further the solution is maybe simple but I didn’t had it in mind, the simple unset command on the vpn vserver in regards to the maxloginattempts resolves it.

Hope it helps you out as well.

UPDATE: got published for this







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  1. Jochen Hoffmann avatar
    Jochen Hoffmann

    You’re not alone – I’d have tried it the very same way, surely struggeling this issue, too. Many thanks for the hint.