Notes from the lab: Windows Server 2016 and MDT gen2 secure boot

For some upcoming projects and also lab use cases I’ve decided to brush up on some MDT/Automation tasks.

For this I’ve deployed a new Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V VirtualMachine Gen2 with secure boot enabled and installed MDT server and configured it to an up and running environment(yeah.. right).

At first I thought there were some inconsistencies with the installer because I kept getting an error on the windows overlay filter driver and it’s signature, didn’t pay much attention and kept going configured the MDT Deployment share and everything with it. Clicked on the update share item and…. boom kept getting an error on unable to mount the wim file of winpe and well a broken MDT setup..

Did some searching and came across the following articles: and

My solution for now was to disable secure boot (because it’s an lab environment) but hope it gets resolved by Microsoft in an upcoming update, imho these workarounds shouldn’t be necessary.