Month: March 2017

  • Notes from the field: Be Proactive! Apple ATS is coming

    For those who are not aware Apple has an upcoming change regarding App Transport Security (ATS) The date it should be in effect was originally January 2017… but was pushed back for migration purposes, and the new date is yet a mystery. It will have impact! Be proactive and check your XenMobile / NetScaler […]

  • Notes from the field: NetScaler SDX LACP Flapping issue

    I came across a peculiar issue regarding a new NetScaler SDX 14020 setup in combination with a Cisco Nexus C9372-PX-E and C9336PQ infrastructure, a new buildup of the SDX/VPX with multiple HA instances spinning and a working environment. LA sets configured for HA probes and everything nice and easy separated through vlan access. Long story […]