XenMobile some field stuff

Thought I would share some XMS 10.1 knowledge:

the tool you need when creating apns: https://xenmobiletools.citrix.com/XenMobileCloudTools-3.0/home/

the tool you need when diagnosing the environment (still BETA): https://xmdiag.cgm.citrix.com/users/signin

the rolling patch #1 for XMS10.1 (cannot find this from the Citrix site but old trusty google does):                                                http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX201757

If you use SSL offloading with the netscaler test, test and test the internal lb vserver for MAM if the 8443 will get passed through allright otherwise a broken MAM.

Before implementing check if you use AGDLP, domain local group support isn’t supported from version 10 (it’s in the works)



there is still a bug regarding the ldap see


that’s it for the moment, more updates on the roadmap!

Author: hheres

IT Pro / Geek